Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Beach 2013 - Trip 2

In my previous post I mentioned the rainy afternoons because when it started raining in Destin (the end of June) it never really stopped. By the mid-week when we were heading down to Orange Beach to stay with Chad's family things weren't looking so hot. We played on the beach and in the pool the first day we were there and then we were confined to the lovely walls of a 3 bedroom/2 bath condo the remainder of the trip. This is tough living with a 3 year old and a 1 year old, but I will say the girls did pretty good in spite of being told no less than 15 times a day that "No, we can't go to the pool. It's lightening out". The rest of the trip had me so traumatized I think it's why I haven't been motivated to blog about the trip - I'm still trying to get over it.

M and Aunt Lollie

Ready for the 4th of July and fireworks!

Have y'all ever done the Pirates and Princess breakfast at The Hangout? We definitely recommend it. LG and M both loved it...yummy breakfast food and a treasure hunt...can't beat that! Apparently the treasure hunt is usually on the beach and they do this whole bubbles/suds thing but it was raining the morning we went so we got to participate in the abbreviated version indoors!


Part of our lovely trip this year that I would like to forget is the 3 1/2 hour drive to the outlet mall. If you are calculating, I could have driven back to Montgomery in that time....and then some...*sigh*. And before you ask, no we could not turn around. By the time we got to the worst of it and realized we were in trouble we were to the point of no turn offs. it.was.BAD. Luckily my MIL and SIL and I like each other and so we weren't at each other's throats. I have never been so thankful that I left my water bottle at home because y'all, me and my small bladder would have been up a creek. We had exactly one hour to shop when we got there and the trip back took 1 1/2 hours. Pretty good, all things considered, but bad since the men and babies were waiting on us to go out to eat. We ended up with take out instead. Not ideal, but since I DREAD taking my kids to restaurants, it worked.

The ride home. Oh let's talk about the ride home! Approximately 5 minutes into our rainy trip leaving the beach, the hubs decided he couldn't take the traffic and we were going a different way (praise the Lord he wasn't in the car during the outlet-mall-fiasco...he wouldn't have made it). So we re-route, get settled in and the girls look something like this...

They slept a while, but inevitable woke up and weren't happy riding. Cue the Cinderella DVD. Then cue the stand-still traffic just past the Greenville exit. AGAIN! No turning back! No Exits until Montgomery! Why does this keep happening to me! We were stuck. It was starting to drizzle. Maggie throws up. Chad figures out a way to get to the shoulder of the interstate. I get out in the rain. I might have yell at the man staring at me with his window rolled down in the car next to ours "MY BABY THREW UP." Mommy's a little stressed. We clean up the car seat, the baby, re-dress, and LG of course then has to go to the bathroom. So hanging off the running board of the car, in the rain, on the side of the interstate, she does just that. As I feel tee-tee splattering on my sandals I find the humor in all of this and tell LG let's document this afternoon. And what does she do? Strikes a pose (see below). Typical, but she got it honest. 

I get back in the car, the mice in Cinderella resume singing "a dream is a wish your heart makes" and I resist the urge to throw the DVD player out the window. I also try to remember if I wiped the tee-tee splatter off my sandals. LG keeps stating the obvious telling us M stinks and smells like throw up. We spend another hour and a half in the car. We get home and I vow no more trips with children for a while.
Happy Fourth of July!


  1. Tears are running down my cheeks! (SORRY at your expense!) Maggie and Holden can be carpool buddies as they both throw up and smell the whole way home! James and I just tell ourselves that one day they can drive us to the beach :)

  2. This is hilarious! It sounds like one of our vacations!I LOVE your have a great way of retelling the story....

  3. I am laughing so hard!! This sounds just like us!!! At least all your pictures are adorable!!


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