Friday, August 23, 2013


I don't know about any of your kids but LG asks almost every night if I can stay in her room and sleep with her. The answer is always no and most every night we have to discuss the same reasons over and over why I can't stay. Finally one night with a stroke of genius I came up with a great answer to curb her request [insert pat on back] "I WILL sleep in your room one night - we'll do a sleepover and I'll sleep in the other bed" (two twin beds in her room). LG agreed and all was well. Until the next night. Anyone want to guess what happened? "When is the sleepover? Is it tonight? Is it tomorrow night?" Oh. We need a verbal commitment now. Okay. So we sealed the deal. We wrote it on the family calendar in the kitchen and made plans.

Friday night! Paint Finger nails! Watch Brave! Eat Pizza and Brownies! Mommy sleep in LG's room! All agreed upon and actually I was excited - a special night for me and LG is just what we needed. The day of she was so cute - she woke up and asked if that night was sleepover night and when I said yes she grinned from ear to ear. As she left for school that day she turned around and told me [using her hands for emphasis as she's prone to do these days] "Mommy I am so excited about tonight". Melt me  - totally worth it!

At LG's request we got in our pj's early. I popped some "Crazy Brownies" as we called them into the oven [these are NOT in fact called "Crazy" Brownies. The recipe can be found here. The brownies are terrible delicious but you'll understand why I had to tell my 3 year old that they were "Crazy" which could be fitting substitution anyway].

LG painted my fingernails and I painted hers, we watched all of Brave (which I had never seen but thought was great) and we got in bed around 9:30, just in time for little princess to start bouncing off the walls because she was "SO EXCITED" as she yelled said. This mommy was worn out and was quickly drifting off to sleep while LG talked at me to me for another 20 minutes. Finally we went to sleep. I think all was well until around 8 (sweet hubby let me just sleep a little since we had gotten up at 5 with a sick M) when LG peeked in her bedroom and told Chad "She's still in there." Oops. Don't want to overstay my welcome.

Fun night, we'll do it again soon - I promise LG!

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  1. This might be the cutest thing I've ever heard, Blair! LG will always have this fun memory of you. "Crazy" brownies... hysterical. :)


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