Monday, August 5, 2013

Under the Gun

I made a half-hearted effort to get a post up before the month of July ended, but we all know how that worked out. In my defense, we've been BUSY!  We took two family beach trips at the end of June/beginning of July, attended a couple of birthday parties, Chad went to Austin, TX, I went to New Orleans, we had a sleepover, a couple dance parties, a new cousin born and a new realtor scoped out for the house.

Alpha Gam reunion in NOLA! We had 6 of 11 there...pretty good considering all the babies and schedules in the mix
Whew. It just makes me tired to read that, not to mention the other things we had going on last month that are exceedingly boring and I don't feel the need to share. Is it any wonder I am a ball of crazy right now? LG actually had to ask me why I was crying at the plant last week. It was a peace lily...long story...I'm crazy I tell ya!

New PRECIOUS baby cousin...Emmerson Jean Plaster
LG and M are enjoying the summer. We've had crazy amounts of rain in July so we have had to stay inside a lot. LG is honing her painting skills and M can whip up one mean batch of pretend tea in the play kitchen.

Modeling our pretty dresses

LG is enjoying dressing up just as much as ever and most days will run in from school, strip completely down and change into a princess dress, a sequined skirt or some other dress up gear, although one night last week after about 30 minutes I did have to ask why she was still running around sans clothes, only in Minnie Mouse panties and princess shoes. She gets distracted.

She's move on from Barbie hair to her own and it's no surprise that sometimes she ends up with two braids down the sides of her face and multiple bows and clips in random spots on her head. As long as she doesn't want to go out in public with her creations, I am good with her practicing her hair skills. She told us the other day that "maybe I would want to be a person that fixed hair one day but I am going to be a nurse." The world is your oyster sweet girl!

M is getting more and more verbal and she'll occasionally try to string together phrases. She is funny, loves to giggle and is a dancing fool. She LOVES Barbies and Baby Dolls and will break out the crocodile tears if she can't play with one or the other. 

 For the life of me though I can't figure out why Miss Tiny-Hiney won't get bigger. She is the smallest thing!! I put her on the scale a couple nights ago and she was a whopping 21 lbs. She's almost 18 months old and 12 month clothes hang on her!! I guess I need to just realize she'll be petite (something I know nothing about) and as long as she's healthy I shouldn't be concerned.

And so I leave you with this...a picture of what I see 24/ sweet baby wanting to be picked up...and the promise of more posts to follow!

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  1. Your girls are too precious! Love your crazy life and you really are a great Mama :) I love seeing their personalities on the blog!!! Y'all have been busy! whew!


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